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Media Website Support

  zHUB user experience support

  For media website signup perform the following steps:
After successful zHUB account signup, go to email and activate user account.
Login to your zHUB user account and click Buy New Plans.
Choose your future website URL in a format mysite.zhub.com and appropriate plan with or without offered addons. (You will be able to add addons later to existing plan) and click subscribe.
On a next page click checkout and it goes to Payment Subscription Form. Click subscribe and voila.
After successful payment(except for trial plans) your plan will be activated instantly.
For subscribed plans management and upload video, go to Current Website Plans and click mysite.zhub.com under Website Management column. Or you can use website details window and click website management link as well.
Your website admin panel will be opened in a popup window.

Settings menu:
   Customization – allows managing your website logo and about us, contacting us, terms of services content pages.
   Members – allows managing your website (yourname.zhub.com/loginStart.html) login users.
   Files/Upload a video – upload/delete video. Only mp4 and flv formats are supported. After video is uploaded, it will appear in a catalog within 2min and first frame will be used as a thumbnail by default. Shows storage utilization status(Storage included, additional, used). Allows to remove already uploaded media files.
   Metadata – allows managing and export/import metadata structure in a CSV format. The same file name metadata will be overridden, otherwise added.
   Libraries – allows managing media content libraries as deeper media files sorting criteria. Add/update library name and select/deselect media files which belong to specific library.

Admin Manager menu:
 Allows managing video records and broadcast channels properties individually.
 Edit link below each element leads to record edit properties page:
   - update title,
   - update description,
   - update tags(like search keywords)
   - update thumbnail frame starting point,
   - update access level (public – everyone can watch your record, or for authenticated users only)
   - set pin (alphanumeric pin which can be set for additional record protection level)
   - shows codec configuration settings for broadcast channels
   - shows external record link for share.